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This is my very first blog post, so please bear with me k? 😀


My styling is inspired from a new teacher’s point of view. When everyone things ‘back to school’ everyone always assumes it from a students point of view, but what about new, young, teachers? I imagine they have the same butterflies in their stomachs, and the same nervousness as new students do as well, but I digress, and will go on to my most predominant back to school memory….

This was years (years) ago, on my first day of high school as a freshman. A new environment, a new school, new classmates and teacher, is enough to make anyone nervous in itself. Now imagine an impressionable 14 year old girl starting her first day of high school. I was so nervous the night before, I could not sleep and ended up waking up late and missing 2nd period (at my school the schedules were either early periods 1-6,or late 2-7, I was on the latter schedule). I wakes up with a dull ache in her stomach, i.e. butterflies, but ignores that feeling, and somehow makes it to the school, and found my way to my 3rd period class (English). I am a little late, which is to be expected on the first day, and still feels incredibly queasy. The teacher goes through the motions, describing the syllabus, handing out notes for the school year, and introducing herself. Suddenly it is the students turn to introduce themselves, and say a little anecdote about what they are all about. When it was my turn, my stomach turns as I open my mouth, and out comes my lunch and dinner (it turned out to be food poisoning) , as well as breakfast from that morning all over my desk. I look up from my desk and see the entire class with a mixture of disgust and surprise looks all of their faces. Needless to say, I never really lived that incident down the rest of the school year. I don’t know if this memory is gross, funny, interesting, or a combination, because honestly who ralphs all over their desk in front of the whole class on the first day of school? (Besides me?)

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Dress: [LG] Boutique-[Summer 12]NYC-Avenue Campus Crawl Dress
Shoes: Salience Midnight by Maitrya
Hair: Heidi by ISON
Bag: Gladstone Noir by blackLiquid (part of the campus crawl hunt)
Necklace: [LIZ] Sapphire Necklace (free at zenshi!)
Glasses: Nerdz Glasses by [BND]

Nails: Anniversary Nails in Purple by Candy Nail (no longer available, sorry dudes.)

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